Tuesday, November 24, 2009


1- Medical Supplies
a. Roller bandages, 10 plus. (Make you own – sheets?)
b. Triangular bandages, 6 plus
c. 2 x 2 bandages, 30 plus
d. 4 x 4 bandages, 30 plus
e. 6 x 6 bandages, 30 plus
f. Surgical tape, 4 plus rolls
g. Rubber gloves, 1 box. (Size that fits you!)
h. Particle masks, 10 ea.
2- Safety Equipment
a. Goggle
b. Leather gloves
c. Hard hat
d. Vest
3- Miscellaneous
a. 30 gal. Plastic bags, 5 ea.
b. Anti-bacterial soap, liquid, 1 pt.
c. 6 to 8 in. crescent wrench
d. Multi-purpose knife. (Leatherman, Schrade, etc.)
e. Sterile saline solution for open fractures.
f. Duct tape
g. Masking tape
h. Pens, pencils, magic markers, notebooks, extra paper, chalk for marking doors etc.
i. Portable radio
j. Flash light
k. Extra batteries
l. Boots suitable for traversing debris
m. Scissors – heavy duty
n. High-energy bars, etc.
o. Canteen or supply of water -- for you. (Possibly carried on belt)
4- Equipment you might bring to the command post
a. Shovels
b. Hand saws
c. Fire extinguishers
d. Pry bars
e. Cribbing materials (2x2, 4x4, by 18 to 24 in. long)
f. FRS radios
g. Ham radios
h. Rope
i. Axe
j. Large first aid kit
k. Blankets

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