Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ham Exams and Field Day 2011

The number of ham operators in our area is increasing fairly significantly after we asked the Boy Scoutsham_operator2 to become involved in our emergency preparedness drills filling the function as our radio communicators.  After training, they easily passed the Technician Exam.  They implemented that knowledge in our emergency drill and subsequently met the qualifications for several Scout Merit badges.

A side benefit is that their parents, scout leaders and some family members also get licensed along with their Scouts.  Who wants to be left out of the fun?

I recently spoke to Richard, KD7BBC, who has created the extremely useful website,, to help folks obtain any level ham license with some very good study and practice tests.   I consider his tests to be the best on the web.   Be sure to check them out if you are studying for your Ham license(s).

We found that our scouts increased their test scores if they took practice tests from three different sites in rotation.   The test sites are:
  • HamStudy immediately responds with “Correct” or “Incorrect” when you click on the answers.  Site users are adding response statements that explain why the answer is correct.  Additionally, you can review and reanswer all of the questions you missed in the test to help you in your licensing exam.
  • HamExam mixes the answer order around so you don’t remember the position of the answer rather than the correct verbiage of the answer
  • eHam presents the answers with radio button selection for yet another presentation of the test.
Field Day 2011

Ham Field Day 2011 just completed.  Below are some video reports from that most enjoyable event.  Life was good and DX’ing was great!

Ham Field Day 2011 – Fryeburg, Maine

Ham Field Day 2011 - Fallbrook, CA

Ham Field Day 2011 - CW - Athens, TX

Ham Field Day 2011 - Jackson, MS

Ham Field Day 2011 - Blue Canyon, CA


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