Friday, July 13, 2012

Ultimate Medic Bag

Preppers always have a reasonably well-stocked medic bag in their preparedness collections.   Hopefully,medicbag they have made the effort to be able to skillfully use its contents in real world applications.

Those experienced with emergency medical procedures build kits that may grossly resemble the kits by the ordinary non-skilled prepper has created, but the semblance ends at the name.

Witness what many call the ultimate medic bag that was assembled and is used by Sgt. Tony Acuna of the Oregon National Guard in this YouTube video interview by the USNERDOC.

Most of us will never build a kit this complete, but we can dream.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ham Radio Go-Kit and 2-Meter Antenna

Ham radio operators enjoy the freedom of communications anywhere they go.  Granted, there are somehanditalkie places where contact with the world is a little harder than others, but with effort, most of the impossible locations fail to retain that title.

Having a radio or radios mounted in your vehicle is convenient and a must for most ham’s, but it isn’t always possible to enjoy that luxury.  Therefore, a portable radio and antenna are a must for all hams.

Enter the USNERDOC and his YouTube Channel that is full of practical applications and suggestions for hams everywhere.

Ham Radio Go-Bag

Portable Ham Radio Antenna

Buddistick Antenna


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