Saturday, March 12, 2011

Secure Pictures and Furniture Before It Is Too Late

Securely Hang Pictures

If you live in earthquake country or have any heavy wall hangings, be sure to use heavy wall hangers with clips to hang them. 

The ongoing string of seismic events around the world are strong reminders that the surface of our planet is alive and frequently in motion.  The reports we have witnessed in the news and in person should reaffirm that fact in our minds.

Hangers with strong steel hooks with spring or similar keepers should be our device of choice.  They will keep hanging wires securely attached to the hanger in events with swinging and vertical movement.  The hangers are typically configured with one or more hanging nail based on the weight of the loads they will carry.

Be sure to use these hangers for any wall hanging that is above beds, in walk areas or any other location where fallen objects would harm anyone in your home or place of business.


Secure Free-standing Furniture

Secure tall furniture to the wall with “L” brackets.  They easily fall over in even small seismic events.  We typically load cabinets and book cases with heavy objects that can cause serious to fatal injuries to anyone they strike.


Use Anti-walking Mats Under Appliances

Free-standing appliances like microwave ovens, statues, snow globes and other similar items will walk off shelves or countertop surfaces in seismic events.  An easy way to inhibit that movement is to put rubberized drawer mats under them. 


Secure Window Blinds

Most people put their beds under or near windows.  Seismic events can break windows resulting in the glass falling inward onto the building.  Don’t expose yourself or family to serious to fatal cuts from falling glass. 

Installing commercial-grade Velcro ® or similar hook and loop fasters on the bottom of vertical and horizontal blinds to hold them in the place in the window frame allows the blind to act as a wall to block falling glass.  Its use in multiple straps on drapery produces the same barrier shield.


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