Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vehicle Emergency Kits

A few weeks ago, Angela of the Adventures in Self-Reliance blog shared the vehicle emergency kit that they have in one of their vehicles.

In our family, we’ve always had emergency kits in our vehicles.  Who knows what is going to happen to travelers?  The more miles you drive, the more crazy events happen to you, especially if you don’t always stay on paved roads.

What should you put in your vehicle kit?  It depends on your lifestyle, where and when you travel and how many folks ride in your vehicle.

Everyone needs the basics..

  • A Good First Aid Kit
  • A Basic Set of Tools
  • A Good Set of Jumper Cables
  • A Coat or Jacket
  • Flares and Reflective Triangle
  • Gloves
  • An old Rug or Mat to lay on
  • Water
  • Food or Nourishment of some type that will survive the hostile environment of your trunk
  • A Blanket
  • A Shovel

Add to the contents based on your lifestyle.  If you drive any distance to work, put in a good set of walking shoes.  There are many types of disasters that may put you afoot trying to get home.

Some of us carry a few more items than the ‘basics’ though.  We’ve learned what we need and what ‘can’ happen to you from personal experience.

Below are two photos showing the contents of the emergency kit in our road vehicle.  The off-road rigs have really good kits but they won’t be included here.  Build your own kits.  You may be REALLY happy that you did someday. 

Just remember, it gets HOT in the back of your vehicle and food will spoil fast, hence the box of MRE’s shown here are for demonstration purposes only.  We only carry boxes of them on shorter term journeys.  Otherwise, we carry the dreaded sawdust food blocks like everyone else.




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